Coming Distractions: See the first 5 minutes of play from the new Friday The 13th video game

Last October, The A.V. Club reported on a Kickstarter for a brand-new Friday The 13th video game featuring the talents of special effects make-up legend Tom Savini, late era Jason Voorhees Kane Hodder, and the original film’s director Sean Cunningham. Today—Jason’s birthday, no less—Gun Media released five minutes of gameplay footage that has fans considerably more excited than producer Brad Fuller’s proposed Jason origin story.

Friday The 13th purists will be quick to notice that the Jason of the game (while a touch beefier) is just about an exact replica of Richard Booker’s Jason as seen in Friday The 13th, Part III, and the location closely resembles that of Higgins’s Haven (also featured in Part III), right down to the outdoor lamps. (Presumably, Gun Media will offer a DLC of Roy, the impostor Jason from A New Beginning, at some point.) The …

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