Coming Distractions: See Michael Fassbender do Steve’s Job as Steve Jobs in the Steve Jobs trailer

The path to launching the “real” biopic of Apple founder Steve Jobs (versus this one, that one, or the other one) has been plagued with enough bugs, crashes, and forks in the road to resemble actual software development. We’ve covered the numerous changes in actors at length, so we won’t rehash all of that here, except to say that just about everybody in Hollywood was attached (at least temporarily) to Steve Jobs (except Ashton Kutcher). But the project just couldn’t seem to pull itself out of crisis mode, and Sony halted development around the time its own software was hacked.

Once Sony did the equivalent of selling off the source code to Universal, things picked up again. With Danny Boyle throwing Aaron Sorkin’s script up onto his Scrum board and running it through an Agile sprint to fast-track development, we finally got a Steve Jobs teaser …

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