Coming Distractions: Rick And Morty’s season two trailer has weird science, the song from Weird Science

Even though it boasts Community mastermind Dan Harmon as one of its co-creators, it was hard to predict just how amazing the first season of Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty was going to be. But by the time the show introduced Mr. Meeseeks in its fifth episode, Rick And Morty’s amazingness was undeniable. The show will be coming back for another season in a few weeks—on July 26, to be exact—and now Adult Swim has released a trailer that gives us a glimpse at some of the terrifyingly absurd adventures that Rick and Morty will embark on this year. There’s a watch that turns people into snakes, a “gross and weird” tentacle thing, and an alien assassin named Krombopulos Michael who’s voiced by Andy Daly. In other words, it’s the sort of crazy nonsense you’d expect to see in the season two …

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