Coming Distractions: Return to Stars Hollow with the latest Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life trailer

The new trailer for the quickly approaching Gilmore Girls revival opens on a scene of Rory and Lorelai sunning, aided by some pint-sized manservants. Luke pops over to rebuke them for their shamelessness, wearing a lifeguard T-shirt and shorts. The fact that he’s not wearing his traditional flannel and gamely participating in a town function proves that truly anything can happen in 2016. At least the backwards baseball cap remains in place.

Still, despite a plaid-less Luke, Stars Hollow has remained fairly stagnant since we last spent time with the Gilmores. That’s good for viewers, but perhaps a little frustrating for Rory, who is back at home and missing some underwear after finding herself flailing in the post-grad world. Babette even shames her a little bit by introducing her to the other thirty-somethings who have returned to their childhood bedrooms. (Is that a Bunhead we see among them …

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