Coming Distractions: Persona 5’s been delayed until next summer, but hey, here’s a new trailer

Bad news for fans of inventive RPG combat and teenagers in leather fetish costumes: Atlus has announced that its much-anticipated Persona 5 has been officially pushed back to summer of 2016. The announcement comes with what’s either a silver lining or a tantalizing taunt, though, in the form of a new trailer for the highly anticipated game.

Besides showing off a lot more—to an eye-rolling degree, in the case of the game’s female lead—of its cast of high-school-students-turned-superpowered-sneak-thieves, the new video delves deeper into P5′s gameplay than anything we’ve seen before. The game’s blue-haired protagonist checks his phone, explores a city, and even hits the batting cages, all under the aegis of one of series composer Shoji Meguro’s distinctive, guitar-heavy scores.

Most interesting are the glimpses we get of the game’s dungeons, which look to be far more interactive and tightly …

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