Coming Distractions: Patrick Wilson comes undone in the trailer for Zipper

The trailer for Zipper shows us Patrick Wilson as another lawman with small-town values, only the mystery he’s trying to solve is how to keep it in his pants. Sam Ellis (Wilson) is a handsome, charming federal prosecutor who’s running for office. He’s got the wife (Lena Heady), kids, and sound bites to be this country’s white knight, a role he seems eager to play. The congressional candidate also has a crack team, including a politico (Richard Dreyfuss) and, in a role he’s well suited for, John Cho as an image consultant.

But Ellis struggles with the pressures of campaigning, as well as a growing attraction to one of his interns (Dianna Agron). In order to avoid a scandal, Ellis has sex with a prostitute; the cure then becomes the disease when he becomes addicted to sex with escorts. Ellis tries desperately to cover his …

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