Coming Distractions: Paris gets on Idris Elba’s bad side in the Bastille Day trailer

In the trailer for Bastille Day, Idris Elba plays a “reckless and irresponsible” CIA agent—as if there’s any other kind—chasing after Richard Madden (Game Of Thrones), an American pickpocket who accidentally lifts a backpack with a bomb in it. Once Elba is convinced of Madden’s innocence, he enlists the thief’s help to uncover a large-scale criminal conspiracy at the heart of the Parisian police force. Beyond the inventive meet-cute between the two heroes, this looks like a pretty stock buddy action movie. Still, Bastille Day could prove to be a lot of fun with Madden leaving his Rob Stark gallantry behind to play a weaselly bandit and Elba using every head tilt and furrowed brow to convey maximum badassery. There’s a moment early on where Elba tells Madden, “You ran. Innocent people do not run.” Madden responds, “Because you were coming after me. Have …

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