Coming Distractions: Outlander gets season two premiere date, fancy new trailer

Starz’s historical drama Outlander will return on April 9, bringing with it the now-expected mix of time travel shenanigans, political intrigue, and shirtless Scots. The series—which stars Caitriona Balfe as an English nurse transported from World War II back to 17th century Scotland—earned strong critical praise and ratings for its first season, with its mix of romance novel trappings, historical warfare, and surprisingly brutal violence.

The new season will take its cues from the second book in Diana Gabaldon’s long-running series of novels, Dragonfly In Amber, which sees a now-married Claire and Jamie attempting to manipulate history to prevent the bloody and unsuccessful Jacobite risings. To that end, they’ll travel to France, a move that should allow the show’s production designers to go all-out in their depictions of the court of Louis XV.

Besides the premiere announcement, Starz also released a full trailer for …

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