Coming Distractions: Olga Kurylenko goes from Bond girl to Bond in Momentum trailer

Olga Kurylenko, who plays the sidekick in Quantum Of Solace and the sidekick in The November Man—which wasn’t a Bond film, but plays out like a mediocre one—stars in the upcoming action movie Momentum. Only this time, she’s the one behind the wheel, trading in her Bond girl role to become, well, essentially Bond. She plays an infiltration expert who gets caught up in a dangerous conspiracy when one of her jobs goes wrong. James Purefoy stars as her scowling foe, a master assassin and all around bad dude, whose name is simply (no joke) Mr. Washington.

The official trailer for Stephen Campanelli’s directorial debut showcases Kurylenko doing lots of badass spy hero things, like kicking guns out of hands, driving fast cars in reverse, and throwing knives straight into people’s backs. It also showcases Purefoy doing a bunch of classic shadowy villain stuff …

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