Coming Distractions: Old enemies (and old friends) show up in this look at season two of Star Wars: Rebels

As part of this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm and Disney, in addition to releasing trailers for The Force Awakens and the new Battlefront game, have released a preview of the upcoming second season of Star Wars: Rebels. Rebels follows the crew of the starship Ghost, including young Jedi-in-training Ezra Bridger, as they fight the Galactic Empire in a pre-Rebel Alliance galaxy. The animated series kicked off the so-called “new canon” created after Lucasfilm purged the old Star Wars Expanded Universe last year, and even managed to bridge the gap between A New Hope and Disney’s Star Tours amusement park ride.

The usual cast of characters is back in the Rebels season two trailer, as is the McQuarrie-esque art direction, which is good news for fans. It also appears that we’re going to see more vehicles from the original trilogy, as A-Wing fighters, B-Wings, and Rebel Blockade …

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