Coming Distractions: New trailer for Johnny Depp’s Black Mass is a little more jokey than scary

The first trailer for Black Mass—director Scott Cooper’s film about mobster Whitey Bulger that stars Johnny Depp—played up the fact that if you take away the wacky hats and makeup, Depp is actually a talented actor. He intimidated some mob goons, scowled a lot, intimidated some people who weren’t mob goons, and shot a guy, all of which added up to make the movie look like it’ll be pretty good.

For this trailer, though, Black Mass took a different approach. Depp’s Bulger is still there, intimidating and shooting people, but he’s surrounded by a lot of people who aren’t really as afraid of him as they were last time, which gives the whole thing a lighter tone. There’s even a couple of people who throw their hands up in disbelief at all of his mobster shenanigans, and an extended bit at …

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