Coming Distractions: New TMNT: Out Of The Shadows spots are also delightfully bonkers

Thrown into the mix of movie teasers that aired during Super Bowl 50 were two spots for Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows that suggest a movie that, if not exactly good, has the potential to get really weird. And that, in and of itself, would be a major course correction from its 2014 predecessor, which lacked “a spirit of genuine boyish fun.”

The first spot provides glimpses of brain-in-a-jar supervillain Krang and the hulking android body he uses to perambulate and deliver beatdowns, as well as the Turtles’ mutant rhinoceros foe Rocksteady raging around and driving a tank. Unfortunately, the rest of the teaser is some pretty standard fare carnage, along with a quick cutaway of Megan Fox strutting that could have been repurposed from one of the Transformers movies.

Shorter but better (read: sillier) is the second TV spot that Paramount Pictures and …

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