Coming Distractions: New Jurassic World TV spot once again proves chaos theory correct

The Jurassic World advertising campaign seems to be progressing in the same manner as all Jurassic Park films, i.e., gradually replacing a sense of wonder with widespread PG-13 carnage. This new TV spot ignores most of the “oh, wow” moments of earlier trailers and instead focuses on the new dinosaur, the D-Rex, tossing park employees around like rag dolls and killing brachiosaurus herds for sport. Meanwhile, Chris Pratt gives grave assessments of the situation and doesn’t look nearly as chill as his character’s Lego counterpart. Before cutting to the title card, the preview reminds viewers that the D-Rex isn’t the only threat by recycling that image from the Super Bowl spot of someone’s mom being hoisted into the air by a pteranodon. It’s a chilling reminder that no one is safe in Jurassic World—except kids, because their knowledge of computer interfaces and gymnastics …

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