Coming Distractions: New House Of Cards teaser reveals the war at home

Netflix has had fun teasing the new season of House Of Cards, first by having Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) obliquely flip off his fictional America with his campaign name, then by cataloguing his dastardly deeds to bring viewers up to speed. But now the streaming company is prepared to finally show its cards (sorry) with a trailer that actually features some season-four footage.

Things have gotten rather…tense around the Underwood home, in which Claire (Robin Wright) may or may not still reside at this point. Frank snarls at his wife in the voice-over that she’s never had to fight to survive let alone thrive, and she says she’s seen what the future holds for them. Then Frank reverts to threatening mode as he tells her they had a future. The montage of scenes includes some attempted murder, stumping, crying, and Kim Dickens.

House Of Cards returns to …

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