Coming Distractions: New Flash trailer teases the multiverse, Cisco’s hot Nerf collection

We’ve already raced through previous trailers for season two of The Flash, but the latest is the clearest indication yet that the multiverse will be playing a key role in the upcoming season. Enter Jay Garrick—a.k.a The Flash from DC Comics’ Golden Age era—to warn Barry and company of the threat posed by the portal that opened at the end of last season. Central City looks to be playing host to some new baddies as a result, and this gives us our first glimpse of Atom Smasher. In addition, there’s some derring-do, and we get a look at…the Flash signal? Really? That better pay off in some delightfully entertaining way, and since this is The Flash, it probably will. In just a few weeks, too: The Flash returns October 6.

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