Coming Distractions: New Doctor Who trailer has more Missy, more Maisie Williams

It’s only a minute long, but this new trailer for the ninth season of Doctor Who has enough material to keep fans speculating until the show returns September 19. For instance, there are a few new hints as to the mysterious role Maisie Williams will be playing in her highly anticipated guest appearance. Showrunner Steven Moffat claims she’ll be a brand new character in the Doctor Who mythos, and from what this trailer shows, that character will live in (or at least visit) some kind of medieval village:

Whether we’re meant to take that as a sly nod to Game Of Thrones or whether she’s secretly playing Arya Stark in some kind of insane crossover remains to be seen. But it does look like she’ll have some scenes with a fire-breathing lion man, so that’s cool:

Elsewhere, there are a ton of returning villains …

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