Coming Distractions: New Chance trailer plays a dangerous game

The first trailer for Hulu’s Chance recalled Hugh Laurie’s House days a bit, as the titular doc appeared just as dogged in his pursuit of answers as his Jersey counterpart. As the forensic neuropsychiatrist Dr. Chance, Laurie is more obligated than ever to discern the truth, but there might be some things about his new patient, Lucy Blackstone (Gretchen Mol), he doesn’t want to face. There’s a mutual attraction, but she’s married to an oppressive ogre of a man who brutalizes her. Chance is risking his neck (and license) by trying to help Lucy, a fact that Ethan Suplee’s bruiser character is all too happy to remind him of. That, or “bury the hatchet” is a new—and dangerous—blacksmith game.

Chance premieres October 19 on Hulu.

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