Coming Distractions: New Batman V. Superman trailer shows off Luthor, Doomsday, actual jokes

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has apparently become the hot new place for big studios to show off their tentpole movies, with Ben Affleck stopping by Kimmel’s studio tonight to drop the latest big trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. What’s Kimmel’s secret? What hold does he have over the trailer-slinging elite? Where does he get these wonderful toys?

But then again, who actually cares? After all, we’ve got a new trailer to watch (possibly over, and over, and over again). And, joy of joys, this one makes it seem like there might be a little more to this latest superhero throwdown than gritted teeth, messianic pretensions, and the war of the glowers. Sure, there’s some of that—mostly in the form of a tense confrontation between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, which kicks the video off—but suddenly, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is …

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