Coming Distractions: New Alien: Covenant trailer lets its monsters out into the light

We’ve seen footage from Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant before, in the form of a trailer last Christmas, and a short, violence-free prologue showing off the crew of the titular ship earlier this year. But as the movie’s May 19 release date approaches, it looks like Scott and company are finally ready to give us a look at the latest iteration of the franchise’s iconic Xenomorph. If this latest trailer is anything to go off of, the creatures are bigger and meaner than ever, mauling people, leaping through ventilation shafts, and even pounding down on the crew’s escape craft with its surprisingly buff arms. A gigantic, slobbering monster might not have the eerie menace of a single, waiting egg, but it does have a certain ”giant rampaging monster quality” of its very own.

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