Coming Distractions: Netflix’s Jessica Jones gets a premiere date and impressionistic teaser

Beyond a bunch of casting announcements, we haven’t seen or heard much about Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the Netflix series that will act as a follow-up/side story to the streaming service’s popular Daredevil series from earlier this year. Now, finally, Netflix has released a teaser for the Krysten Ritter-starring show, and…it doesn’t really tell us anything. It has a Of Monsters And Men song, it has some cool impressionistic imagery, and it reveals that there’s a woman whose name we should know, and that name is Jessica Jones. Do we even need anything else?

Apparently we do, because Netflix also included the Jessica Jones premiere date: November 20, 2015. That’s not too far! Maybe by then we’ll actually see some footage of the show, but considering how long Marvel and Netflix teased out the first look at Daredevil’s red costume, we …

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