Coming Distractions: Mickey Rourke plays an unlikely mentor in the Ashby trailer

Older men getting hornswoggled into mentoring aimless boys has a fine tradition in cinema. Most recently, Bill Murray channelled the boozy, degenerate version of the character in St. Vincent, a follow-up to the aloof millionaire type he played in Rushmore. Ashby is Mickey Rourke’s first foray into the genre of questionable surrogate father figures (although he did play a questionable actual father in The Wrestler, so that must count for something).

Here Rourke is playing the eponymous Ashby, who is conveniently available to Ed, played by Nat Wolff (Paper Towns, The Fault In Our Stars). And because you can’t have an earnestly awkward new kid in town without a slightly overwhelmed single mother, there’s one of those too, played by Sarah Silverman. You also need to have a reason why being a little bit nerdy isn’t perfectly fine, so We’re The Millers‘ Emma Roberts is …

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