Coming Distractions: Meet Merida and Dark Emma in the Once Upon A Time season five promo

The battle of good vs. evil continues on #OnceUponATime#DarkSwan

— Once Upon A Time (@OnceABC) August 26, 2015

Once Upon A Time makes every Sunday night a television event,” the narrator boasts in the new promo for Once Upon A Time‘s fifth season. More specifically, Once Upon A Time makes every Sunday night into a batshit television event that feels more like someone just vomited a bunch of Disney-owned characters onto a storyboard than an actual show.

After walking through some of the wild places Once Upon A Time has already been—Neverland, Oz, etc.—the trailer introduces the show’s live-action take on Merida from Brave, who will appear in the season five premiere and is played by Amy Manson. The trailer also provides a very quick look at the new Emma, who allowed herself to be consumed by Darkness in the season four …

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