Coming Distractions: Matt Damon takes solitude very seriously in this clip from The Martian

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Ridley Scott’s The Martian looks like it’s going to be a reasonably serious sci-fi film. Matt Damon is starring as an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars when the other members of his space-crew are forced to leave the planet during a space-storm. He then has to use his classic Matt Damon charm and wit to not only survive, but also to notify people back on Earth that he’s still alive. It’s a thrilling premise, and it made for an exciting book, but a new clip promoting The Martian undercuts most of the drama by revealing that all astronauts—or at least all of the astronauts involved in this mission—are secretly goofballs.

The promo is based around interviews with the crew members after they just underwent 10 days in isolation as part of their training program …

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