Coming Distractions: Looking: The Movie ties up some loose ends in its first teaser trailer

One of the things that made HBO’s Looking so watchable was that it was kind of ordinary. It wasn’t a larger than life celebration of the “Gay Lifestyle,” it was just a show detailing the lives of a coterie of young Bay area characters who happen to gay. And it did it in a completely non-ostentatious way. Unfortunately, that’s probably why it never attracted the large audience that it deserved, and was cancelled after just two seasons with a lot of narrative threads left hanging in mid-air. Luckily, the suits at the cable network realized their error in judgement and decided make things right by giving Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannan the opportunity to wrap things up in one two-hour film. That’s essentially the runtime of four episodes, so think of it as a chance to binge-watch a mini-season.

Looking: The Movie will be available to …

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