Coming Distractions: Let’s read way too deeply into Game Of Thrones’ new season 6 teaser

If HBO doesn’t want fans of its insanely popular Game Of Thrones reading way too much into every little thing contained in the teasers for season six, maybe it should stop crafting ads like this one, which seems specifically designed to make everyone worried. This newest teaser takes us on a trip through the Hall Of Faces, a.k.a. the Hall Of Faces Of Former Characters Who Died Awful Deaths. Starting with Ned Stark, we then visit with Robb, Catelyn, everyone’s least favorite bastard Joffrey, and poor Jon Snow. (See you soon, though, maybe!) But then it straight-up just starts trolling us, by ending on a shot of Tyrion’s face on the wall—and Denaerys’, and Arya’s, and anyone else you might possibly care about, because HBO likes to watch you suffer. Maybe not as much as it likes showing Sansa suffering, but still, quite …

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