Coming Distractions: Let’s hijack a bus with portentious nursery rhymes in the Bus 657 trailer

It’s hard out there for a dad. You go to work, do your job—which, in this case, seems to entail working as some sort of low-level employee in Robert De Niro’s casino—and yet you can’t afford to pay for your daughter’s medical treatment. So, you take the next logical step: You get a gun and hijack a bus, apparently. Following in the proud footsteps of Denzel Washington in John Q, only with a hefty helping of Speed added, Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars in Bus 657 as the father pushed to extreme measures in this frankly goofy-looking thriller. (It doesn’t help that the “Wheels On The Bus” nursery rhyme Morgan tunelessly sings at the beginning gets turned into a full-on ominous score.) Despite the presence of notable names like De Niro, Morris Chestnut, Gina Carano, and others, this comes across more like a parody …

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