Coming Distractions: Kristen Wiig wins the lottery, buys a talk show in the trailer for Welcome To Me

Can money really buy happiness? Would people tune in to watch a talk-show hosted by a socially awkward nobody? Is there anything to gained from making a cake out of hamburger? These are some of the weighty questions tackled in the upcoming comedy Welcome To Me.Starring Kristen Wiig as a troubled woman who uses her lottery winnings to start her own talk show, Welcome To Me subverts the notion that television audiences crave the carefully manicured formula of talk show entertainment while reinforcing the notion that movie audiences crave the hilarity of crippling emotional disorders.

Directed by Shira Piven, Welcome To Me opened to mixed reviews at last year’s TIFF; Alchemy plans to distribute the film later this year. Slashfilm has posted a trailer and this official synopsis:

“Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) suffers from borderline personality disorder, and though she manages it — and the accompanying medications and therapeutic …

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