Coming Distractions: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube take their family squabbles to Miami in Ride Along 2 trailer

When news of Ride Along 2 broke last year, audiences were promised more action and multiculturalism. The trailer delivers on both fronts, even if the jokes remain stale.

Ben (Kevin Hart) is now a police officer, so naturally he’s been partnered with James (Ice Cube), despite the fact that they are literally fraternizing since Ben is engaged to James’ sister. Ben is still very excitable, making him the yin to James’ stoic yang. Although they don’t really seem to work that well together–Ben blows his cover while they’re hanging with some Fast And The Furious rejects–their lieutenant (Bruce McGill) sends them to Miami on a fact-finding mission or task force to bring down a drug lord (Benjamin Bratt).

Cars race and bullets fly along with quips like “Good cop, sex cop” from Ken Jeong’s informant character. Then Olivia Munn shows up as Detective Cruz to help …

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