Coming Distractions: Jurassic World continues to evolve into an action movie in new global trailer

Ah, the hubris of man. Jurassic World, which from its early trailers appeared to be a fun way for the kids to experience firsthand the Spielbergian sense of awe that roamed across movie screens in the prehistoric early-to-mid-’90s era, appears to have escaped its pen and evolved into a full-on action movie. The new “global trailer”—“My God, it’s gone worldwide,” a guy in a lab coat whispers—combines footage from earlier trailers of Chris Pratt playing tag with raptors, Bryce Dallas Howard playing God, and escaped dinosaurs wreaking havoc on innocent park-goers with some new action footage, mostly revolving around what a terrible idea it was to genetically engineer a dinosaur by combining the DNA of a T. Rex and Hannibal Lecter. (We assume, anyway. She’s very crafty.)

We also get a better look at those CGI dinosaurs Universal paid so much money for—the shark-eating …

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