Coming Distractions: James Bond has a secret in the first teaser for Spectre

This first teaser for Spectre, the new James Bond movie, opens on a surprising note for this series: A direct acknowledgement of what happened in the last James Bond movie. Granted, Quantum Of Solace also built off of Casino Royale, and the way Skyfall ended would be almost impossible for any subsequent Bond movies to ignore, but it still makes a strong statement about what Spectre is trying to do when Naomie Harris’ Moneypenny drops the name “Skyfall.” This isn’t just another James Bond adventure, this is a sequel to the last James Bond adventure—an adventure that a lot of people really liked.

However, Moneypenny isn’t just bringing up what happened at Skyfall to appease fans. Apparently, James Bond has a secret, and blowing up that old house has dredged it up. The rest of the trailer is dedicated to setting up mysteries upon mysteries, and we …

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