Coming Distractions: It’s “Meet the new cartel, same as the old cartel” in the first trailer for Narcos season 3

The second season of Netflix’s Columbian drug saga Narcos ended about as definitively as a season of TV could, with the bloody death of its cocaine-slinging anti-hero, Pablo Escobar. But just because Pablo’s gone, don’t think for a second that things are about to get any less violent for the people of Columbia, as this trailer for the show’s upcoming third season makes clear.

From the looks of things, the power vacuum left by Escobar’s death is sucking in all sorts of new people (possibly through a rolled-up $100 bill), with his old rivals in the Cali Cartel perfectly eager to show that they’re no less dangerous in their rise to power than Escobar himself.

Narcos—which has been renewed for a third and a fourth season—returns to Netflix on September 1.

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