Coming Distractions: Here’s the trailer for Girls season five, in case anyone’s still watching Girls

Hey, remember Girls? Remember the fun we all used to have, getting alternatively angry, delighted, and think-piece-y about Lena Dunham’s sometimes vulgar, often hilarious look at life as a young woman in modern day New York? Whatever happened to those halycon, hot-take-heavy days?

Somehow—i.e., the passage of time and its status as a consistently well-performing show—Girls has become an elder stateswoman on the HBO lineup, preparing now to launch its fifth season of narcissistic ranting, affected banter, and sex-laden misadventures. As revealed in the show’s latest trailer, though—set to promote its return on February 21, 2016—the more things change, the more they most assuredly don’t; Marnie (Allison Williams) might be getting married, but everyone in her life is as happy as ever to make it about themselves. (Although Dunham’s Hannah is at least on hand to offer some spectacularly bad makeup …

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