Coming Distractions: Here’s the first 3 minutes of Fear The Walking Dead

The premiere is only a couple of days away, but zombies (and fans of zombie-themed shows) aren’t known for being patient. Thus, AMC has gone ahead and released the very first scene from its upcoming Walking Dead companion series Fear The Walking Dead. Featuring actor Frank Dillane (who looks eerily like a cross between a young Johnny Depp and Bill & Ted-era Keanu Reeves), the show opens in a church, with Dillane’s Nick waking up and wondering just where his lady went. Since the series is called Fear The Walking Dead, it’s no spoiler to say he doesn’t exactly find a surprise party waiting for him in the next room. It’s not really enough to make up your mind one way or the other, but don’t worry, AMC already did: The show already got a pickup for season two. (The A.V. Club …

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