Coming Distractions: Greta Gerwig falls in and out of love with Ethan Hawke in Maggie’s Plan trailer

Falling in love sure is fun, what with the meet-cutes, the spirited conversations in Washington Square Park, and the passionate nightgown removals. Unfortunately, though, the person you fall in love with sometimes turns out to be a bit of a stuffy, self-absorbed jackass played by Ethan Hawke. That’s what happens to Greta Gerwig in this trailer for Rebecca Miller’s new film Maggie’s Plan, but rather than simply dumping Hawke and moving on with her life, Maggie (Gerwig) comes up with the eponymous plan and decides to get Hawke back together with his ex-wife, a “monster” played by Julianne Moore. What follows is some screwball comedy hijinks, including advice from concerned friends, Moore’s thick Danish accent, and a precocious kid or two.

Oh, but there’s another player in this dramatic love triangle: The city of New York. This trailer is full of enough adoring shots of …

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