Coming Distractions: Fixing all of time doesn’t seem too hard in this trailer for Legends Of Tomorrow season 3

Legends never die. DC’s #LegendsofTomorrow premieres October 10 at 9/8c on The CW!

— Legends of Tomorrow (@TheCW_Legends) July 22, 2017

At the end of last season on The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow, the team was only able to defeat the Legion Of Doom by breaking some of the all-important (and weirdly inconsistent) rules of time travel, thereby breaking all of time and crashing into a modern city that was overrun with dinosaurs. On any other show, fixing that would be a horrifyingly daunting task, but in this new trailer, the Legends don’t seem particularly concerned about it. Perhaps it’s because they’ve spent enough time doing a terrible job of protecting history that they know there’s no use stressing out about it, but either way, they’re gonna have weirder problems than usual when the show returns for a third …

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