Coming Distractions: First teaser for the new Ghostbusters has no ghosts or busters, is weirdly dramatic

It’s still going to be a few months before we find out whether or not Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is going to somehow erase the original movie from our collective memories and prevent us from ever enjoying it again. While we wait for that, though, we might as well check out this first teaser for the film that so many people on the internet care so little about that they’re compelled to tell everyone how little they care about it every chance they get. Unfortunately, this teaser isn’t going to sway either side of the Ghostbusters debate, because there’s really nothing to it. There are no ghosts, there’s nobody busting ghosts, and if it weren‘t for the little musical nod and the whole “Who you gonna call?” bit, this could be a teaser for any movie.

However, it does end with an announcement that …

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