Coming Distractions: Feeny strikes back in the new Girl Meets World TV spot

Recently, a TV spot was unveiled for the follow-up to a beloved, decades-old series greatly anticipated by audiences around the world. And while a younger cast has taken the reins, a few series veterans have also returned to provide viewers with the requisite rush of nostalgia. No, we’re not talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Girl Meets World, the Disney Channel’s sequel to the ’90s-chic Boy Meets World.

The television series will begin its second season on May 11 with a “Season Premiere Week” that will see the release of five new episodes. But there’s something very special about this new season: the return of Mr. Feeny. (“Mr. Feeny? I wonder if they mean old George Feeny who lives out beyond the Dune Sea,” a young character might ponder.) Feeny technically appeared for a cameo in the first season of Girl Meets World, but the …

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