Coming Distractions: Extended Pan trailer introduces pan flute we must have missed the first time

The first trailer for Pan revealed gorgeous, imaginative backdrops for what seemed like an otherwise by-the-numbers retelling of the story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up. We saw Levi Miller in the title role, Hugh Jackman hamming it up as Blackbeard, and Rooney Mara in questionable head gear as Tiger Lily. The standout was probably Garrett Hedlund’s charming (and two-handed) take on Hook, the man-child who would grow up to be Peter Pan’s archnemesis.

The extended trailer, which first aired at Comic-Con last week, is now available in all its full-length glory. There’s a glimpse at an Empire Strikes Back-like duel between Blackbeard and Tiger Lily, some playful foreshadowing under the shadow of a giant crocodile, and an emphasis on the pan flute that seemed to have been missing from every previous iteration of this tale.

Pan hits theaters on October 9.

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