Coming Distractions: Exclusive: Fargo featurette details the makings of a massacre

The so-called “Sioux Falls Massacre” is one of the centerpieces of Fargo‘s second season, a high-stakes showdown that was set up all the way back in the final episode of season one. It’s a climactic moment, the end of a Midwestern crime dynasty, and an incident Lou Solverson still talks about three decades later. It was also—based on behind-the-scenes video brought to you exclusively by The A.V. Club—a wildly complicated production, spanning six nights in the Calgary cold. In the special features of what the Blu-ray and the DVDs call Fargo: Year Two (available Tuesday, February 23), showrunner Noah Hawley, director Adam Arkin, and first assistant director Philip Chipera explain how the sequence came together, with behind-the-scenes footage and the final product serving as visual aids. All that information, and yet: Nobody says a thing about that goddamn UFO!

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