Coming Distractions: Esquire gets its epic drama on in this Beowulf trailer

With an April 2016 premiere date, Game Of Thrones is still a ways away, but you can pass the time until then with Esquire’s Beowulf, which will make with the sword-clanging and throne-snatching as early as January. Esquire’s just released the trailer for its period (fantasy?) drama, which stars Da Vinci’s Demons’ Kieran Bew as the titular Geat from the epic poem who rises to power after defeating Grendel and the monster’s back-up (its mother). But first, it looks like he’ll have to slay some regular people (Danes, probably), engage in some intrigue, and win over William Hurt’s Hrothgar.

Created by James Dormer (Strike Back; no relation to Natalie, so no help in teaching you how to date her), Beowulf premieres January 23 on the Esquire Network.

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