Coming Distractions: Dwayne Johnson rocks out to a Lin-Manuel Miranda song in new Moana clip

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda are both charming dudes who are now ubiquitous in the pop-cultural landscape. This clip from Moana is what happens when they join forces. Here, Johnson croons a tune by Miranda that his braggart demi-god Maui sings to the skeptical heroine. The gist? She owes him thanks for all the amazing feats he’s accomplished. It’s not like she’s articulating that gratitude in what we see, but he’s saying “you’re welcome” regardless.

Johnson—known for his boundless charisma and physique, rather than his pipes—sounds pretty good. It’s not especially athletic singing, but it gets the job done. In a tweet he described his technique as such: “‘Sing’ is a relative term. Waxing poetic drizzling honey coated gravel is more accurate.”Moana comes out November 23.

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