Coming Distractions: Dolls are scary again in the Cult Of Chucky trailer

With 2013’s Curse Of Chucky, the Child’s Play film series returned to its roots, delivering a movie more concerned with scaring audiences than with delivering the campy laughs of previous installments Bride Of Chucky and Seed Of Chucky. It was an uneven but pleasurable back to basics move for writer-director Don Mancini, who has written every big-screen iteration of the killer-doll franchise and helmed the last two. And now, the film’s new storyline continues with sequel Cult Of Chucky, a film that definitively answers the question, “Wait, are they still making Chucky movies?”

The new one is set in a mental asylum, where the previous film’s final girl Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif, daughter of Brad Dourif, who voices the titular doll) was sent following the murderous events that befell everyone around her. Judging from the trailer, a well-meaning idiot of a therapist reintroduces Chucky to Nica …

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