Coming Distractions: Cowboy robots get sexy and violent in HBO’s new Westworld trailer

Sports fans are all watching the big basketball match tonight, but as a special treat for the real nerdos tuning into Game Of Thrones‘ “Battle Of The Bastards,” HBO has finally debuted a proper trailer for its briefly troubled Westworld adaptation. For anyone who doesn’t know the show will be about cowboy robots running amok, the trailer is probably deeply confusing—what with Old West imagery paired alongside sci-fi stuff—but even people who have an idea of what to expect will probably recognize this as being fairly bananas. Either way, it’s pretty clear that things are quickly going to get rough for Westworld stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, and Evan Rachel Wood.

Also, because this is an A.V. Club article about Westworld, we are legally obligated to reference the thing about extras on the show possibly being required to perform “genital-on-genital touching …

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