Coming Distractions: Comedy Central introduces Trevor Noah in new Daily Show teaser

Comedy Central has just released its first teaser for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah with the tagline Same chair, different ass.” Set to Kanye West’s “Power,” we see the new host crack his knuckles (fingers?) and button his jacket before sauntering over to the stage where his new ass meets Jon Stewart’s old anchor chair (or one just like it). Noah has to adjust the chair’s height, either for comedic effect or because the show hasn’t yet gotten around to donating the old set. But once his knees disappear under the desk, he smiles and the video ends.

Since his succession was announced, Noah has talked about moving the show away from its Fox News retorts and the 24-hour news cycle to make room for coverage of aggregators and listicles. But while we have an inkling of what he won’t do, it’s still …

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