Coming Distractions: Class is in session in the first teaser for the Doctor Who spin-off

In the five years since its previous two spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood, went off the air, Doctor Who has grown into a global pop-cultural phenomenon. So the BBC thought the time was right to milk the cash cow—er, expand the universe—once more with a brand new spin-off called Class. And now we have our first official look at the series, which will debut (in America at least) in spring of 2017 alongside the new season of Doctor Who. (Brits, meanwhile, will get the BBC Three series much sooner, starting on October 22.)

Class is set at Coal Hill Academy, a location The Doctor has been visiting since his very first appearance back in 1963. Most recently, The Doctor’s companion Clara was a teacher at the school, thus making him something of a regular there. And the premise of the series is that The …

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