Coming Distractions: Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt rule The Huntsman: Winter’s War trailer

Even without a Snow White character to worry about—or perhaps due to the lack of a Snow White character to focus on—Universal Pictures’ follow-up to Snow White And The Huntsman has gone through a turbulent production. First there were some dwarves (though not depicted by real dwarves), then no dwarves, and finally, no Frank Darabont. It also wasn’t entirely clear whether the film would be a prequel or spin-off, though we did know that it would center on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman character from the 2012 film (hence the title).

Well, the trailer has arrived, and the movie appears to be…both? Now titled The Huntsman: Winter’s War, the film stars Hemsworth as Eric The Huntsman, who trains with and eventually falls in love with Sara The Warrior (Jessica Chastain). This displeases their jilted queen, Freya (Emily Blunt), who rules her kingdom with Elsa-like powers. When …

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