Coming Distractions: Channing Tatum gets weird in trailer for fake cop show Comrade Detective

In the universe of Amazon’s new satirical cop show, Comrade Detective was an extremely popular Cold War-era TV series in Romania that Channing Tatum discovered and overdubbed in English so he could introduce it to U.S. viewers, with Tatum himself, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Nick Offerman providing the voices. In our universe, the whole thing is fake, with The Sitter writers Brian Gatewood and Alex Tanaka doing the tongue-in-cheek faux-translation. This trailer makes it clear that Comrade Detective is riddled with ‘80s cop show cliches, so there will be plenty of gags beyond the famous voices coming out of non-famous people.

Comrade Detective will also feature Jenny Slate, Chloë Sevigny, Jake Johnson ,Jason Mantzoukas, Mahershala Ali, and Fred Armisen.

The show premieres on Amazon on August 4.

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