Coming Distractions: Bryan Cranston walks away from his perfect life in Wakefield trailer

We can’t think of too many people who would want to walk away from a life with Jennifer Garner (other than that one guy), but we assume Bryan Cranston has his reasons for it in the first trailer for Wakefield. Directed by Robin Swicord, the drama stars Cranston as Howard Wakefield, a man who no longer enjoys or otherwise can’t deal with his perfect-on-the-outside existence. Howard’s having some kind of breakdown, which forces him to unceremoniously leave his wife (Garner) and their kid(s). He spies on them from across the street, though, where he’s pretty sure that abandoning his family won’t have any adverse effects on them since he’s apparently flawed enough to abandon them to live in an attic.

Wakefield costars Beverly D’Angelo and Jason O’Mara as people who are probably also wondering what the fuck Howard’s thinking. The …

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