Coming Distractions: Bryan Cranston hates James Franco in the Why Him? red band trailer

In the trailer for Why Him?, Bryan Cranston experiences a sensation that most people have had one time or another: absolute exasperation with James Franco. Leaving behind his awards-hungry serious actor ways, Cranston is back in goofy dad mode for this comedy from John Hamburg. The former Walter White plays the father of a young woman (Zoey Deutch), who is dating a douchelord tech “zillionaire.” Think: A tatted-up Sean Parker. Franco’s character seems outlandish and obnoxious, albeit genuine, but Cranston’s patriarch is having none of it. We’ve seen the unimpressed parent plot so many times before that it’s hard to see what this film could possibly add to it, so maybe the title should just be Why This?.

Why Him? will raise the question in theaters this Christmas.

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