Coming Distractions: Brit Marling fends off pillaging soldiers in the trailer for The Keeping Room

Need a trailer that quickly conveys danger while establishing a directorial aesthetic and a period-piece setting? You could do a lot worse than opening with tight shot of a molotov cocktail being tossed into a stagecoach, followed by a full shot of the carriage combusting along the countryside. The trailer for the “feminist Western” The Keeping Room, directed by Daniel Barber and written by Julia Hart, immediately lets you know that somebody is up to no good. The scene then jumps to a remote farm, home to sisters Augusta and Louise (Brit Marling and True Grit‘s Hailee Stanfield), and their slave, Mad (Muna Otaru).

As was common at the time, the man of the house is gone—presumably fighting for the Confederacy—leaving the three women to look after themselves, an opportunity for ne’er-do-wells to exploit. And it just so happens that Augusta runs afoul of a pair …

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